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County Boards and Commissions

Boards & Commissions

Over thirty Boards and Commissions assist and advise departments and special groups within the County of Maui, some working more closely with various departments than others.

The County of Maui is always looking for people interested in serving on a Board or Commission. Although there is no monetary compensation associated with serving on a Board or Commission, your participation will provide for a better form of government. If you are interested in serving on a Board or Commission, please fill out an application form and mail it to the Mayor's Office, 200 S. High Street, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793. Boards and Commissions Application Form

Listing of Boards, Commissions and Committees based on Subject matter


Maui Planning Commission   Concerned with the area encompassing the island of Maui and the adjacent waters. Advises the Mayor, County Council, and Planning Director in matters concerning planning programs.

Hana Advisory Committee to Maui Planning Commission Advises the Maui Planning Commission on matters related to East Maui (Kailua to Kaupo) and carries out duties delegated to it by the Maui Planning Commission.

Lanai Planning Commission Concerned with all planning matters involving the island of Lanai. Advises the Mayor, County Council, and Planning Director in matters concerning planning programs.

Molokai Planning Commission   Concerned with the area encompassing the island of Molokai, except that portion of the area known as the Kalaupapa Settlement. Advises the Mayor, County Council, and Planning Director in matters concerning planning programs.

Public Works Commission   Advises, assists, and makes recommendations to the Mayor, the Maui County Council, and the Director of Public Works on matters regarding traffic safety, the naming of streets, parks and facilities, subdivision engineering standards and specifications, and outdoor lighting.

Board of Variances & Appeals   Hears and determines applications for variances from the strict application of any general plan, zoning, subdivision or building ordinances. Holds public hearing prior to ruling on a variance application and issues findings of fact and conclusions of law on decisions granting or denying variance applications.

Maui County Arborist Committee The scope of the committee shall include recommendations for; a landscape planting plan in public areas throughout the county, shall be a reviewing body for any landscape planting in public parks and street beautification programs and shall recommend exceptional trees to be protected and provide appropriate protective ordinances.


Board of Water Supply   Powers, Duties and Functions The Board of Water Supply shall: 1. Review and submit to the Mayor the Department of Water Supply's request for an annual appropriation for operations and capital improvements. 2. Recommend the establishment and adjustment of rates and charges for furnishing water; such rates and charges shall be submitted to the Mayor for review and approval.


Solid Waste Resource and Advisory Committee   The Solid Waste Resource Advisory Committee's duties involve: Reviewing current operations and data to make specific recommendations for increasing efficiencies, diverting more tons, and limiting landfill risk. Building consensus among SWAC, staff, Maui policymakers, and State regulators to pursue one of a number of options that provide a healthy environment and service to the rate payer. Drafting a practical plan that is a blueprint for implementation.

Wastewater Community Working Group   The Maui Wastewater Community Working Group (CWG) is working to provide enlightened, community-based recommendations to County of Maui’s Department of Environmental Management and Division of Wastewater Reclamation. These recommendations will assist the County in making significant strides toward achieving the goal of 100 percent recycling of Maui’s wastewater.


Commission on Children and Youth Advises and assists the Mayor in all matters concerning children & youth, including child care. Also makes recommendations to the County Council on all matters relating to children and youth and children and youth programs proposed for adoption by the County Council.

Commission on Culture and the Arts Objectives include: assisting the County in the preservation of the artistic and cultural heritages of all its people; promoting a community environment which provides equal and abundant opportunity for exposure to culture and the arts in all its forms; encouraging and providing equal opportunity for the development of cultural and artistic talents of the people of the County.

Maui County Cultural Resources Commission   Works for the preservation of the County's historic and cultural resources through the following functions: advising and assisting federal, state and county agencies in carrying out their historic preservation responsibilities; administering the provisions of the County's historic districts and advise the Mayor, Council and County Planning Commissions on the establishment of historic districts and their regulation; and providing public information, education, training and technical assistance on national, state and county historic preservation programs.

Volunteer Advisory Board   The Volunteer Center Advisory Board advises the Volunteer Center on different projects, assists with Volunteer events, activities, etc.

Workforce Investment Board   Our vision is to have a globally competitive and skilled workforce, which promotes and nurtures a diverse and prosperous economy and preserves the special quality of life in the County of Maui. The County’s Office of Economic Development (OED) has been designated as the grant recipient for WIA funds and is responsible for monitoring and oversight of the implementation of the WIA programs with guidance from the Maui County WIB. OED also serves as the liaison between the Mayor and the Maui County WIB on matters concerning WIA. The Coordinator for OED represents the Mayor on the State’s Workforce Development Council (WDC)