local political tracker ethics agreement and registration form

Political Tracker Volunteer ethics agreement
  1. Only registered volunteers can post information to the Political Tracker.
  2. To become a volunteer, one must first register as a user on the Evolution-Local (EvLo) website.
  3. Only your EvLo username will appear in posts
  4. Volunteers are encouraged to have their EvLo username be the same as their real first and last name. But if for reasons of confidentiality you prefer to use a different user name you may do so.
  5. Participation in the tracker is voluntary, and volunteers will receive no payment for participation.
  6. The Political Tracker is a space to archive verifiable information about government officials and bodies, related to important local issues. If firsthand accounts are reported, they should be acknowledged as such.
  7. Tracker posts are not for sharing opinions. Opinions can be shared in post comments, or in the Community Forum section of this website.
  8. All Tracker users agree to identify their user role when posting (eg community volunteer, elected official, government employee, or other).
  9. Posts should identify the information source. Include the source date whenever possible.
  10. Posts can include links to relevant articles, videos, etc
  11. Posts and comments can not be used to advertise or promote a business, goods, or services.
  12. The site administrators reserve the right to remove any posts, and remove the volunteer status after any violations of these agreements.
  13. Posts and comments to posts are to be respectful, and free of profanity or personal attacks.
Political Tracker Volunteer Registration Form
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Please allow up to 48 hours for your volunteer status to go into effect. Report any delays to evlomaui@gmail.com.

Mahalo for your kokua!