Mālamalama Maui: Highlighting Solutions and Solutionaries

Anyone who cares about the future of agriculture on Maui will want to check out the website of Mālamalama Maui. The site is part of a larger initiative funded by Art Place America, and led by Maui artist Lehua (Lele) Simon. From the project website:

"The Mālamalama project is a two-year creative placemaking initiative that uses the arts (such as film, media, music, food) and the cultural traditions of our local community to embrace, educate and empower the people of Maui as we begin the agricultural transition and to illuminate the proactive solutions available to us at this time."

"The Mālamalama project was created to gather the people of Maui so that our collective attention and collaborative efforts can be directed towards proactive solutions for our agricultural systems during this time of change. In gathering, we forge the relationships that allow us to organize and impact the future of life on Maui."

In addition to sponsoring events, Mālamalama Maui also supports the efforts of on-the-ground partner organizations, or 'solutionaries', including the Hawaii Farmer's Union United, Grow Some Good, the Maui Huliau Foundation, and Sierra Club Maui.

Spend some time at the site, enjoying the gorgeous photos, videos, and site layout, as well as the links to news articles and several locally-produced films on Maui food and farming issues.

The site's content is located in three main sections:

  • Film and Media Resources
  • Artistic and Cultural Events
  • Locally-Grown Solutions

Also stay up-to-date on local happenings by subscribing to Mālamalama Maui's Facebook page.

Congrats to Lele and all your collaborators on such a beautiful and inspiring project!